Info For Responders

I just returned to my station and did not receive my faxed call sheet from the 911 center, what should
I do?

We know these call sheets are important to you. The whole system is computerized and issues can
occur when you don’t receive the call sheet when you should have. Our computer dispatch software
handles this all for us. Once we mark a police, fire or EMS provider or unit on a call, the system is
designed to send the call sheet to each entity marked on the call. The system only faxes the call sheet
once the WHOLE INCIDENT is clear. When multiple agencies are involved, a police officer may still be on
scene or have someone in custody, a fire department may still be on scene for traffic control or an EMS
unit may be transporting someone to the hospital. Once the last unit or station clears, the call sheet
will then fax. PLEASE be patient and don’t call us for a call sheet as soon as you clear. As you can see
previous, other units may still be involved on the call.

With emergency personnel on scene, what is the E.T.A. of the power/gas/water/cable company or the
Pennsylvania State Police?

As per our policy in the 911 center, the procedure states we dispatch (call them via phone with the call)
state police (in state police’s jurisdiction) to a call as soon as we dispatch the providers we dispatch
for. We do NOT ask them for an ETA at this point, nor do they provide us with one. Note that having
the dispatcher continually call for an ETA, ties the dispatcher up from taking an emergency call as
dispatchers in the center commit to dual duties as a dispatcher and calltaker. Please feel free to
program the PA State Police Uniontown Barracks (724) 439-7111 or the PA State Police Belle Vernon
Barracks (724) 929-6262 phone numbers in your cell phone. This way we can keep the process efficient
as it does not tie a dispatcher up when an emergency call may be coming in.

Also, when we notify the power/gas/water/cable company as per a first responder, we do NOT ask them
for an ETA. We do not use special numbers to call them as we mostly use the same phone numbers
provided to the public. PLEASE don’t ask for an ETA for the power/gas/water/cable company
unless it is an emergency as we do not ask them nor do they give us one.

More to come... If you are an emergency responder and you have questions you'd like answered, please visit the Contact Us page and let us know!