About Fayette County EMA/911

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The Fayette County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) operates under the various Federal and State Laws establishing and governing the duties and responsibilities of the Emergency Management at every level of government.

The Fayette County EMA adopted the “all hazards” approach to emergency management or referred to as The Integrated
Emergency Management System.

The goals of the Fayette County Emergency Management Agency as outlined under our four areas of operation.

To reduce the vulnerability of the populace and property of the county to injury and loss resulting from natural or man-made disasters.

a) To effectively educate the public regarding their responsibilities in responding to disasters affecting the county.

b) To work with the numerous emergency response agencies to offer training and informational seminars to the county emergency responders.

To coordinate prompt and efficient rescue, care and treatment of persons threatened or victimized by disaster.

To coordinate the rapid and orderly restoration and recovery following disasters.

Emergency Management is not a replacement for, police, fire, EMS, Red Cross, and other important community functions. Rather it is a system for coordinating and managing the multiple services when all are responding to a community/county threat.