Fayette County 911

Welcome to the official website of Fayette County 911.  We have revamped our website with the addition of various new features to serve you.   Use the left side navigation pane to get where you want to be.

If you're building and/or moving here and have questions or need to establish a street address for 911, click on the addressing link.

If you are an emergency responder with questions or concerns regarding the 911 system, click on the Responder Info link.

If you are a member of the general public with questions about how 911 works, when to call, and any other info you may need, click on FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

For non-emergency contact information for all county police, fire, and EMS providers, click on the Non-Emergency link.

Haz Mat team and Radio Frequency info are coming soon, keep checking the site and as soon as you see them added to the menu, they will be available!  Email any questions to the webmaster.